FocalSpec has joined MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program

FocalSpec has joined MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program and Line Confocal Sensors can now be connected by MVTec’s HALCON users via a proprietary GigE interface available in the FocalSpec Software Development Kit (FSSDK).

“We are excited to become a new member of MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program”, says Dr. Karri Niemelä, FocalSpec’s Chief Technology Officer. “FocalSpec’s unique 3D sensor technology combined with MVTec’s HALCON software is a perfect match for metrology application builders. Combining these two cutting-edge technologies is exciting and will open new possibilities for industrial 3D vision and metrology world-wide.”

MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision used in all demanding areas of imaging like the semi-conductor industry, inspection, optical quality control, metrology, medicine or surveillance. MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision.

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