3D imaging in component inspection

Quality control and material optimization for electronics manufacturing

3D imaging in component inspection and assembly

FocalSpec sensors are used to inspect component assembly fast and accurately. Typical measurements include component dimensions, orientation, step height, gap and offset, clear material thickness and surface properties such as roughness and flatness. Soldering and gluing quality can also be inspected.

Image 1: 3D topography image, mobile phone housing

Image 2: 2D intensity image, mobile phone housing

3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA collects 3D topographic and intensity imaging data simultaneously. The data corresponds to the standard microscopic data. Contrary to a microscope, UULA automatically produces millions of data points at once, which then allows a full inspection of electronic components and their assembly. In the following two measurement case examples, the samples were measured with UULA that was equipped with an LCI1201 sensor.

LED assembly on PCB

The height, width, tilting and orientation of the LED component were measured. The tilting of the LED component has an effect on its ability to emit light evenly.

Image 3: 3D topography image, LED component 

Image 4: LED component surface dimensions and position 

PCB quality inspection

A PCB was scanned to identify and measure height, diameter, distances, profiles, orientation and shapes of the selected elements. The data can then be compared with known design 3D data to identify possible deviations.

Image 5: 3D surface profile scan of an PCB board. The measurement place and direction is marked on the image.

Image 6: Contour analysis of a conductive track 

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