Measuring printed electronics and flexible devices

Quality control for printed electronics manufacturing

Measuring printed electronics and flexible devices

FocalSpec Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology is optimal for measuring printed electronics, because it combines all 3D topography, tomography and 2D intensity imaging into one sensor.

The imaging speed and accuracy vary depending on the sensor most appropriate for the purpose. FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA provides feedback on the printed electronics process significantly faster and more accurately than the conventional methods. FocalSpec sensors can be used for quality control also in roll-to-roll manufacturing of printed electronics.

Example 1: Printed patterns on transparent PET illustrated with LCI1600

Sensors for printed electronics manufacturing

FocalSpec sensors can be used in various stages of printed electronics manufacturing process starting from the substrate material development and manufacturing. There, the surface roughness measurement plays a key role. FocalSpec sensors detect all substrate materials be them shiny, glossy or transparent such as glass or PET foil. In addition, FocalSpec LCI sensors can be used for identifying defects, such as delamination, scratches or impurities in coated, transparent substrates.

Be it screen printing, inkjet printing or dispensing materials, FocalSpec sensors ensure fast and accurate 3D topography imaging as well as step height and width measurement of the printed structures.

In hybrid electronics industry, FocalSpec sensors are used to inspect cemented or glued components on transparent substrates. In addition to traditional 3D dimensions measurements, air gaps, bubbles and other types of delamination can be studied on or through the transparent substrate.

Image of step height measurement of dispensed moisture sensor
Example 2: A dispensed moisture sensor profile has been measured with 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA. The system setup included LCI1200 sensor.

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