Metrology for mobile device manufacturing

3D topography, tomography and 2D grayscale intensity imaging combined into one sensor

The next level of metrology for mobile device manufacturing

Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology combines 3D topography, tomography and 2D grayscale intensity imaging into one sensor

3D topography imaging is typically utilized in component assembly inspection and online quality assurance in mobile device manufacturing. In addition, the 3D topography is suitable for surface inspection and roughness measurement on various types of material which include mirror-like, shiny, glossy and transparent samples with surface angles of up to 20 degrees. In case of higher angles, such as 3D curved glass, the sensor or the sample should be tilted or illustrated with another FocalSpec sensor.

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The combination of 3D tomography and 2D intensity imaging can be used for identifying defects such as delamination, scratches or dust on the surface or inside the transparent material. Contrary to various other types of imaging systems, FocalSpec technology helps not only seeing the place of the defect and identifying in which layer of the sample the defect is. Also, the dimensions including depth of the defect can be detected.

FocalSpec offering for mobile device manufacturing

The imaging speed and accuracy vary depending on the LCI sensor most appropriate for the purpose. The most accurate sensor reaches up to 10nm imaging accuracy and the fastest scanning applications perform with the speed of 5000Hz. The amount of measurement points in one measurement line per second is 2048, independent of the sensor type selected.

FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA includes ready-made calculation and analysis for the most typical 3D dimensions measurements. The SDK (Software Development Kit) provided with FocalSpec LCI sensors can be utilized by any experienced software developer or integrator for further online application development. Supported software languages include C+, C++, C#, Labview, HALCON, OpenCV and Python. The supported operating systems include various distributions of Linux, and Microsoft Windows versions 7 and newer.

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