Application examples

FocalSpec LCI sensors can be used for measuring 3D profiles, roughness, seal integrity, thickness, step height, flatness, gap & offset, clearance and burr height

Automated quality control of printed electronics manufacturing

FocalSpec provides fast and reliable on-line 3D topographic measuring needed for efficient quolity control of printed electronics manufacturing

On-line seal integrity inspection

Our technology can reveal seal defects in transparent pharmaceutical and medical packages with better contrast and resolution than any other technology available.

Online plastic bottle wall thickness measurement system

FocalSpec provides a fast, non-contact system for the on-line quality control of plastic bottles and containers

LCI in mobile phone manufacturing

Benefits of the linear confocal imaging (LCI) in cell phone manufacturing.

Extrusion process optimization

to prevent surface melt fracture and shark skin effect

Online surface roughness measurement

for improved product quality and increased production output

Automated burr analysis

for troubleshooting manufacturing processes

Gap & offset measurement

for mobile phone cover glass gap & offset measurement

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