FocalSpec to establish subsidiary in China

FocalSpec, the leading manufacturer of optical 3D measuring devices, is responding to the continuous growth in demand in Asia by establishing a subsidiary in ChivContent to be added before site publishingna. The new company will be created through FocalSpec’s merger with its current distributor in China. FocalSpec’s headquarters will remain in Oulu, Finland, and the company will also continue to grow the personnel in Finland.

In 2017, more than 1.5 billion mobile phones were sold around the world. The majority of them were either manufactured or assembled in China. Fifth-generation mobile networks and wireless communication systems, as well as the development of ever lighter and thinner mobile devices, increases the quality requirements for the manufacturing industry and the demand for the solutions of FocalSpec.

To meet its customers’ needs, FocalSpec provides Line Confocal Imaging sensors (LCI), which are able to measure mobile device parts made of glass and ceramic materials, among other things. This is something that continues to be a challenge for competing measuring devices.

FocalSpec’s new CEO Harri Leinonen says the company has ambitious growth targets: “After many years of hard work, we have reached a point where we have several industry-scale projects, which will make it possible to multiply our sales over the next few years. FocalSpec’s LCI technology is also being used in other industries, but over the next few years, the biggest growth is likely to be generated in the electronics industry.”

Further information:
Harri Leinonen, CEO
tel. +358 400 720 532