Cable, Wire and Tube manufacturing

Cable and medical tube manufacturing

FocalSpec’s MicroProfiler MP900 is specially designed for online real-time measurement of Surface Roughness in extruded tubing, cable, wire, filament, profile, band, tape and other narrow continuous product applications.

The MP900 is installed on the production line at the outfeed of the extruder for automatic monitoring of surface roughness of the moving product. The system can be used for minimizing a product’s Ra/Rz value or keeping roughness at the desired level on products that require a certain roughness. The system instantly detects processing problems at any stage of surface roughness including sharkskin, stick-slip and melt fracture.

The system is based on a direct optical roughness measurement of the real 3D surface profile and can be used on all materials and surfaces including matte, glossy, clear, opaque and without color limitation.

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