FocalSpec’s 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) and IR-based dual-point thickness sensors have caused quite a stir among systems integrators that develop specialized measurement solutions for product and process quality control. The sensors’ very high data acquisition rate and the LCI method’s unique capability to measure 3D features from challenging and previously impossible surfaces make them a logical choice for many online scanning applications. LCI may be the correct 3D sensor for you due to the following key advantages:

  • Very high 3D data acquisition rates, enables in-production scanning of fast moving objects
  • LCI works well on
    • Highly reflective and mirror-like surfaces
    • Curved, convex, concave and sloping surfaces
    • Transparent and semitransparent surfaces
    • High-contrast (matte-glossy, dark-light) assemblies
    • Soft and fragile surfaces
    • Porous materials
    • All surface/object colors
  • Measures thickness of transparent layers and air gaps
  • Measures topography under transparent coatings and material layers
  • No speckle effect -> sub-micron resolution

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