Published: June 1, 2017

We are hiring: Software Designer, Hardware Engineer

Join our R&D team in Oulu! We are hiring a hardware engineer and a several software designers.

Software Designer

  • Required Skills: C/C++/C# software development.
  • Job Description:  Firmware development and backend development for 3D imaging sensors, VDHL skills is a bonus.
  • You will work in a team of talented software experts and co-operate closely with hardware development.

Hardware Engineer

  • Required Skills: Schematics and layout design, preferably with Altium Designer. Interest in embedded software development & FPGA/VHDL design is a bonus.
  • Job Description: Development of new electronics modules and maintenance of existing products.
  • You will work with manufacturing and design subcontractors to ensure the product quality. Hands-on attitude in a test laboratory is required.

For more information and to apply, contact us at by 30th June 2017.

Published: May 19, 2017

FocalSpec’s 1st Distribution Partner Meeting 17-19.5. in Oulu

FocalSpec’s first Distribution Partner Meeting is held in Oulu this week. The three-day event was kicked off by the company management team who welcomed the partners from Europe, Asia, and North America and also introduced them to the new members of the FocalSpec sales team.

Team FocalSpec together with its distribution and integration partners in Oulu in May 2017.

”The beginning of 2017 has been very promising to us and I expect the trend to continue. Thus, to be able to serve our distribution and integration partners better, the FocalSpec regional sales and technical support teams have been doubled within a short period of time. This event is a great opportunity not only to discuss the latest technology and market developments but also to get people introduced to one another”, says Ms. Sanna Rantanen, FocalSpec’s Sales and Marketing Director.

Also, the partners felt that the timing of the event was perfect. Investing in the technical support of the distributor and integrator network is crucial at this point of the sales development, where on one hand there are various application areas for FocalSpec’s technology and, on the other hand, the resources very often must be focused.

One of the goals for the partner event was to deepen participants’ technical and application knowledge on the available sensors and solutions.

”I think that especially when you are in the technical industry like we are, knowledge is key. If you do not have the correct application knowledge, you are not able to sell anything to the end user. However, if we do not have enough technical knowledge about LCI, we always can rely on FocalSpec’s team. There is a huge amount of knowledge within the company and they will translate it to us”, states Mr. Doeke-Jan van der Meulen, Managing Director of Technex, the distribution partner in Benelux.

Doeke-Jan van der Meulen, Managing Director of Technex, represented his company at FocalSpec’s first Distribution Partner Meeting in Oulu, Finland.

The aim of the partner event was not just to strengthen the participants’ understanding of the technology and to give them more comprehensive sales tools, but also to bring them together for a multi-national learning experience and to have fun. The delegates of the partner event have brought their experience into the event and created the spirit of vibrant collaboration. ”It is critical to be here with other distributors from around the world. You listen to them and learn from them. They give you their knowledge and vice versa”, says Mr. van der Meulen.

A strong partnership network is vital for the company also in expanding to new market areas and applications. ”To gain market share, FocalSpec must increase its local presence. For example, we have six offices in China and dedicated sales and technical support teams for FocalSpec”, tells Mr. Stephen Liu, Managing Director of Honoprof, China. Honoprof is a long-term partner for FocalSpec and serves its best-selling market area.

Sauli Törmälä, Managing Director, FocalSpec and Sanna Rantanen, Sales and Marketing Director, FocalSpec handed over a diploma on the best sales results 2016 to Stephen Liu, Managing Director, Honoprof, China.

Published: May 15, 2017

FocalSpec donates for the Crisis Management Initiative

FocalSpec donates for Don’t tell Martti, a Finnish charity campaign, which aims to raise a birthday present for the 80th birthday of the Nobel laureate and former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari.

Ahtisaari leads the NGO called Crisis Management Initiative (CMI). CMI works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation.

“We are very happy to be a part of this campaign. CMI is a prime example of Finnish assertiveness in helping the whole planet. The work that president Ahtisaari has done in the past decades has every Finn feeling indebted, and this modest gift is one of the ways in which we can say our thanks”, says Sauli Törmälä, CEO of FocalSpec.

The campaign has a simple premise: The Finnish people want to give a common gift for Ahtisaari without him knowing about it. This is achieved by informing the public about the campaign only through channels which are identified not to reach Ahtisaari, such as through the internet.

The goal is to raise EUR 200.000, which is equal to the cost of 5 rounds of peace negotiations. FocalSpec’s contribution for the campaign is 1.000 euros.

Martti Ahtisaari is the former president of Finland and an accomplished diplomat, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2008 for his leading role in bringing independence to Namibia, Serbia’s withdrawal from Kosovo, and autonomy for Aceh in Indonesia.

“We hope that our donation will help CMI achieve results in bringing peace to areas that are riddled with conflict. But the most important thing is to not tell Martti about the gift before his birthday”, Törmälä smiles.

Read more about the important work of CMI:

For more information:

Sauli Törmälä, President, FocalSpec Ltd., tel. +358 10 231 2814

Published: April 19, 2017

University of Waterloo: In-line inspection of transparent microsized features using the LCI-1200

According to a study conducted at University of Waterloo (Casimir Kuzyk, Dennis Liu, Brett Sherren, Max Pikhteryev), the LCI-1200 is able to measure PDMS transparent microchannel with high accuracy and high throughput. Further investigation is required for biological applications.

Measuring PDMS microfluidic channels

Promising results were displayed by the LCI-1200 for measuring the depth and width of the transparent PDMS microfluidic channels. Superior correlation and reliability assessments demonstrated that the LCI-1200 sensor system would be a beneficial tool in the microfluidics industry (Table 1 and 2 and 3). It has potential to be implemented as an in-line quality assurance procedure for ensuring uniform widths and depths in microfluidic device manufacturing. However, the qualification studies done in this report were completed using 2D profiles. In order to implement this system in a manufacturing process, the same studies done in this report will need to be extended to measurements in 3D. These aspects are important for microfluidic channels as fluctuations in channel dimensions can lead to inefficient mixing and the creation of bubbles.

Furthermore, the results from the PDMS channel tests can also be correlated to other transparent plastic materials with similar optical properties. This means that these results can be translated directly into other industries that use these materials, such as packaging and electronics.

Table 1: DEKTAK and LCI1200 correlation

Sample Channel Width (um) Channel Depth (um)
1 72 79.5
2 66 80.7
3 60 79.1
4 66 79.2
5 61 78.6
6 61 79.4
7 61 79
8 60 80.8
9 60 76.7
10 60 80.2
Repeatability 6.09% 1.41%

Table 2: Repeatability study for PDMS microchannels: Repeatability is calculated with regards to customer requirements by calculating the ratio of the measurement standard deviation / measurement mean value. The result is well within the repeatability desired by the customer. The result suggests that precise measurements can be repeatedly achieved using the same sample with loading and unloading the sample onto the stage. 

Specification % Equipment Variation %Appraiser Variation % R&R
Width 6.5% 3.1% 7.2%
Depth 5.9% 4.5% 7.4%

Table 3: Gage R&R results for PDMS microchannels: All parameters produced in the table above passed the customer required values. It is concluded that the gage system is a capable inspection system for measuring the depth and width of PDMS microchannels ranging from 10um – 100um in depth and width.

The results were presented at Nanotechnology Capstone Design Symposium in March 2017.

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