Published: September 22, 2017

Oulu office moves

FocalSpec moves into bigger premises in Oulu. Our new address from 28 September onwards is:

FocalSpec Oy
Elektroniikkatie 13
90590 Oulu

All phone numbers and other contact information stay the same.

Published: September 12, 2017

Haemme tiimiimme tuotannon työntekijää

Voit olla työurasi alussa oleva innokas oppija tai jo monien alojen ammattilainen. Meille on tärkeintä, että kykenet toimimaan innovatiivisessa ja dynaamisessa ympäristössä, jossa tilanteet muuttuvat ja vaativat joustamista sekä mukautumista. Olet omatoiminen ja yhteistyökykyinen, ja haluat kehittää toimintatapoja ja työympäristöä. Oman työn laatu on sinulle tärkeää.

Hakemallamme henkilöllä tulisi olla aikaisempaa työkokemusta optiikan, hienomekaniikan tai elektroniikan kokoonpanosta tai testauksesta, tai muusta teollisesta valmistuksesta. Sinulla on soveltuva ammatillinen koulutus, voit olla asentaja, teknikko tai insinööri.

Edellytämme hakijalta tyydyttävää englannin kielen taitoa, sekä verbaalisesti että kirjoitettuna.

Lähetä hakemuksesi palkkatoiveineen 30.9.2017 mennessä osoitteeseen

Liity osaksi FocalSpecin tiimiä!

Published: September 4, 2017

Master’s thesis shows that LCI is the number one choice for quality control in tube extrusion

Good news from Tampere. Niko Merivirta, a student at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) has written his master’s thesis on FocalSpec’s Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology. Merivirta’s thesis has to do with how LCI can be applied to the extrusion of tubes

Merivirta’s thesis work, called “Improvement of quality control of extruded tubes with on-line optical measuring technique” includes a comprehensive breakdown of the whole extrusion process and the materials used, as well as a comparison between quality control made with LCI and optical profilometry.

“I have worked in companies doing industrial extrusion before, so the thesis was a logical next step for me in my studies in this field”, Merivirta says.

“The laboratory at the TUT campus was quite empty during the summer, when I conducted the necessary tests, so I had plenty of time and space to do the tests properly. I was quite happy with the thesis.”

The thesis was made in collaboration with the TUT foundation, and the subject matter as well as technical consulting was provided by FocalSpec. Merivirta also conducted an interview with Tuomilogistiikka for an expert opinion on medical tubes. Last year, another master’s thesis was made in TUT on the extrusion process, but this work focused on plastic films. Merivirta’s thesis is a thorough explanation of how LCI can be used to improve the quality of extruded medical tubes.

“We are happy that our products are studied and tested as part of TUT’s master’s thesis’s. The results further consolidate the fact that our products are the best solution for manufacturers wanting a high-quality product delivered at the best speed”, says Sauli Törmälä, CEO of FocalSpec.

The technology utilized in the thesis was FocalSpec’s MP900, which is designed for the measurement of cable and tube roughness. The measurement and control of surface roughness plays a crucial role in a large range of modern manufacturing processes. FocalSpec’s optical non-contact on-line roughness measurement system allows for the automatic and laboratory-accurate measurement of surface roughness directly during actual production.

Surface roughness is often a direct indicator of product and process quality and it can also be an important customer specification for materials under production. Surface roughness may also correlate with other critical parameters such as adhesion. This is of importance especially in medical equipment, such as tubing.

As for Merivirta, he hopes to continue working in the field in the future as well.

“I’m interested in product development as well. After these couple of years of theoretical studies, I’m ready to put my knowledge to proper use in the industry”, Merivirta says.

Published: August 11, 2017

The FocalSpec family grew by three members!

FocalSpec has hired three new superstars to join our fast-growing team in Oulu. We have now two new senior software developers and one new senior hardware engineer in the team.

“We want to thank all the applicants, we really received great applications during the recruiting process. To answer the growing demand, we need more and more professionals to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best possible quality products”, says Pekka Salin, Senior Organization Development Specialist at FocalSpec.

Please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to find open positions at FocalSpec also in the future.

Published: June 30, 2017



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