Published: April 18, 2018

The new generation of LCI sensors are revolutionizing on-line quality control

FocalSpec, a supplier of 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) sensors and systems is introducing a renewed range of Line Confocal Imaging sensors. They offer compact sizes, the widest measurement range and the highest measurement speed to meet the requirements of today’s high-speed smart manufacturing environments for any surface material available in electronics, medical and plastics industries.

FocalSpec develops their offering continuously to answer the high demands set by their customers operating in a wide field of manufacturing. According to Sanna Rantanen, VP Sales and Marketing, the renewed sensor family will help FocalSpec to further improve its product range’s competitiveness in its selected target market among integrators.

“The new sensors are not only easy to take into use among wide range of applications but also to integrate into new and existing manufacturing lines among our key accounts in Asia”, Rantanen explains.

FocalSpec’s new sensors, LCI401 and LCI1201, come in half the size and weight compared to their predecessors, LCI400 and LCI1200, with further improved measurement performance as well as better tolerance for harsh environmental conditions.

The proven optical measurement technology of FocalSpec LCI sensors goes beyond the limitations of traditional measuring methods:

  • No speckle noise
  • No interference
  • Submicron measurement accuracy even on fast moving objects
  • Measurement speed up to 5 million 3D points per second
  • First-rate performance for all surface types
  • including dark matte, mirror-like and transparent surfaces

Available applications for the sensors include:

  • Surface roughness
  • 3D dimensions
  • Burr height
  • Seal integrity inspection

The FocalSpec range of LCI sensors is available for all third-party developers and systems integrators. The sensors come with FSSDK, which is a defined software user interface, as well as a compatibility with all modern software development environments.

The sensors will be globally introduced in Europe at Control tradeshow in April, in Asia in Touch China tradeshow in June and in USA at IDTechEx in November.

More information: Sauli Törmälä, CEO,, +358 44 587 2001, or Sanna Rantanen, VP, Sales and Marketing,, +358 400 214 012

Published: April 11, 2018

Why are online measurement technologies important for the frontrunner in wire, cable and tube production technology?

A key to MAILLEFER’s top position amongst the global wire, cable, pipe and tube production technology providers is their preeminent process know-how.

They are constantly exploring new online measurement technologies in order to supply even better production lines for their customers and helping them to achieve top productivity and product quality.

Mikko Lahti, R&D Director at Maillefer sees that their customers with medical tubing or wire and cable jacketing applications could benefit from surface roughness measurement systems provided by FocalSpec.

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Published: January 24, 2018

Lehdistötiedote 2018-01-24

FocalSpecin Aasian myynnin kasvu jatkuu vahvana rahoittajien tuella

Optisia 3D-mittalaitteita valmistavan oululaisen FocalSpecin Aasian myynti kasvoi yli kaksinkertaiseksi vuonna 2017. Kysyntä muun muassa kuluttajaelektroniikkaa ja mobiililaitteita valmistavan teollisuuden laadunvalvonnassa käyttämille sensoreille on kovassa kasvussa Kiinan, Intian, Etelä-Korean ja Japanin markkinoilla. FocalSpecin myynnistä yli 60 % tulee Aasian markkinoilta.

FocalSpec on kerännyt pääomaa viimeisen vuoden aikana yhteensä 7 miljoonaa euroa. Puolet varoista on tullut pääomasijoituksina sijoitusyhtiöiltä ja yksityisiltä sijoittajilta, puolet Euroopan investointirahaston ja Finnveran takaamana lainarahoituksena. Rahoitusta on hankittu erityisesti myynnin ja teknisen tuen vahvistamiseen Aasiassa.

”Vahva kasvu osoittaa, että tarvetta huipputason laadunvalvonnan ratkaisuille löytyy. Olemme hyvässä tilanteessa ja teemmekin jatkuvaa kehitystyötä voidaksemme vastata kansainvälisesti toimivien asiakasyritystemme paikallisiin tarpeisiin entistäkin monipuolisemmin ja tehokkaammin”, sanoo FocalSpecin toimitusjohtaja Sauli Törmälä.

FocalSpecin päätoimipaikka ja tuotanto tulee pysymään jatkossakin Oulussa. Vuodessa henkilökuntansa kaksinkertaistanut yritys jatkaa rekrytointeja myös Suomessa. Lisäresursseja, erityisesti kokeneita alan ammattilaisia, tarvitaan niin tuotekehitykseen, tekniseen tukeen kuin myyntiin ja tuotemarkkinointiinkin.

FocalSpec Oy on oululainen yksityisessä omistuksessa oleva kasvuyritys. Vuonna 2009 perustetulla yrityksellä on liiketoimintaa Euroopassa, Aasiassa ja Yhdysvalloissa.


Sauli Törmälä, Toimitusjohtaja, FocalSpec Oy
puh. +358 44 587 2001,

Sanna Rantanen, Myynti- ja markkinointijohtaja, FocalSpec Oy
puh +358 400 214 012,

Published: January 17, 2018

FocalSpec introduces UULA in North America

FocalSpec, a supplier of 3D line confocal sensors and systems for challenging surface imaging applications, is pleased to introduce their new general-purpose 3D metrology tool for offline and at-line uses, the FocalSpec 3D Line Confocal Scanner UULA in North America.

UULA is based on FocalSpec’s patented Line Confocal Imaging technology that enables high-speed 3D imaging of surfaces that are difficult or impossible to measure with other currently available methods. With UULA, parts and assemblies having highly reflective, mirror-like, transparent, curved and sloping surfaces can be scanned in seconds at sub-micron resolution.

Quality control, failure analysis, and research & development of products containing polymers, metals, glass, composites or other materials greatly benefit from the high speed and accuracy of this automated, recipe-based tool. Applications include imaging of 3D form and dimensions; surface roughness and texture; etched, embossed and printed 3D features; flatness and thickness; mold parting line flash and burr; dispensed adhesive, polymer and fluid shape and volume; and heat seal integrity.

“UULA’s unique line confocal method combines the speed of laser sensors with the resolution and tolerance for surface material and angle of the confocal technology,” says Juha Saily, Sales Manager for FocalSpec, Inc. “I expect that companies involved in medical and microfluidic devices, printed electronics, PCBs, MEMS, semiconductor packaging, precision molding and stamping, and micromachining will likely be earliest adopters of this new technology.”

The official product launch will take place at MD&M West in Anaheim, California, February 6–8, 2018.

FocalSpec will exhibit and demo the UULA at their booth # 334.

Published: November 13, 2017

FocalSpec’s UULA answers the demand for automated quality control in the consumer electronics industry

FocalSpec, the Finnish expert in high-precision quality control devices, will bring their first 3D imaging and metrology system UULA to the Productronica trade fair in Munich, Germany. UULA can be used both in at-line quality control and in laboratories. It works especially well in measuring transparent surfaces such as 3D glass used in smartphones.

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming status symbols. The demand for more streamlined and unibody mobile phones is growing worldwide. Improving these attributes requires that parts for the devices, such as screens and other transparent product components, are designed with extreme accuracy. This leads device manufacturers to demand a reliable way of ensuring that the quality of their products remains at a high level.

Research and development plays a big part in developing products to suit the needs of end customers and to ensure smooth manufacturing transition. FocalSpec’s UULA can be used to inspect a variety of mobile device components where the look and feel as well as the operational quality have to answer customers’ demands. It is especially well suited for new product introduction lines (NPI). These lines are used to test proposed designs and to provide data on their technical aspects.

The research made in the field of consumer electronics, as well as the product development and quality control processes, can be made more cost efficient through automation. As an example, a single company can manufacture tens of millions camera module lenses per month. An accurate new product development phase followed by an efficient manufacturing transfer and online quality control ensures minimal manufacturing waste.

Mobile device markets growing – quality control is key in ensuring functional devices

The market for mobile devices is growing at an accelerating pace. According to some estimates, there will be around 16 billion mobile devices in use by the year 2020. That means a growth of nearly 3.5 billion devices from today.  One source for the growth will be the proliferation of smart phones in growing markets. To ensure the devices’ functionality and to allow for new designs to be implemented, quality control standards will be set at a very high level.

By launching UULA, FocalSpec aims to meet these strict demands in a fast-growing market segment. LCI enables customers to model even the most demanding surfaces and shapes, from mirror-shiny to multilayered, curved transparent surfaces. The technology detects millions of 3D points per second, and detects irregularities of even one micron. This makes it superior in both speed and accuracy to other quality control methods on the market.

“We are very proud of the product as it allows us to answer our clients’ demands even better. UULA is the embodiment of our development so far, and it opens up opportunities for us to act even in the most cutting edge and fastest growing industry sectors,” states Sauli Törmälä, CEO, FocalSpec.

As well as the consumer electronics industry, UULA can be utilized in a variety of industrial processes, including medical devices manufacturing, automotive, in steel manufacturing, as well as in plastics and containers manufacturing.

FocalSpec is a privately held Finnish high-tech company offering laboratory level measurement precision for online quality control and manufacturing line process optimization. The company operates globally through its subsidiaries in Atlanta, USA and Ratingen, Germany as well as a skilled network of integrators and distribution partners.

More information: Sauli Törmälä, CEO, FocalSpec Oy, p. +358 44 587 2001,


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