Published: May 16, 2018

FocalSpec appoints Harri Leinonen as new CEO

The Board of Directors has appointed Harri Leinonen as the new Chief Executive Officer of FocalSpec Oy. Harri, 55, has built his long and impressive career in global technology companies. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Åbo Akademi. Harri, who describes himself as a management generalist, has held various executive management roles in Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology and Nokia, prior joining FocalSpec.

Sauli Törmälä, former CEO and co-founder of the company, remains dedicated to FocalSpec as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Sauli, who has led the company from a VTT spin-off to its current stage, with its unique metrology products and global corporate presence, is confident that Harri will lead the company through its next phase of exponential growth:

“Harri is an experienced corporate director and his experience with Nokia will help us to gain the expected growth in the consumer electronics business that we have initiated over the last couple of years.“

Harri’s appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s current state: FocalSpec is ready to take on the future with strong support from investors. Harri’s strong experience in sales and marketing from product management and sales operations to new market entries in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Africa further elevates FocalSpec’s global presence.

“The biggest influence on my career was the experience with Nokia. I joined them before the wild years, in 1991, and left in 2010. In that time span, the company was basically completely transformed. I joined a Finnish company operating on international markets and I left a company that was one of the few international companies based in Finland,” Harri says.

“I enjoyed that journey tremendously. Most of all, I liked the atmosphere, where you were always encouraged to try out different things and not to focus too much on the possibility of failure. I do believe that organisations work best when people feel confident that they can try out things. That’s something I’d like to maintain at FocalSpec, too. We have tremendous opportunities for growth so let’s dare to make decisions we believe in.”

Harri is returning to Finland after a 20-month post in the United Arab Emirates. From now on, he will share his time between FocalSpec’s headquarters in Oulu, the company sales office in Helsinki, and his family home in Turku, not to mention the time he will spend travelling around the world visiting customers, distributors and integrators.

Harri has extensive experience not only in leading sales and marketing, but also in leading people. He has a clear view of how he wants to lead his team in his new role:

“FocalSpec has smart, well-educated people. If anything, the leader can help people find their own ambitions and do something about it. I’m always keen to empower people to live up to their role, take responsibility for their area, to learn and to grow. I am not a great believer in micromanagement.”

FocalSpec’s Distribution Partner Days bring people from Central Europe, Asia and North America to Oulu this week. The new CEO is embracing the opportunity to meet the partners on the first day of his new job.

“One key element for our commercial success is a strong network of distributors and system integrators,” Harri says. “We already have exemplary long-term partners, but we will inevitably need to grow this network both in size and strength to reach our ambitious goals and full potential.”

More information
Harri Leinonen, CEO
+358 400 720 532

Sauli Törmälä, Chairman
+358 44 587 2001

Published: April 25, 2018

FocalSpec has joined MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program

FocalSpec has joined MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program and Line Confocal Sensors can now be connected by MVTec’s HALCON users via a proprietary GigE interface available in the FocalSpec Software Development Kit (FSSDK).

“We are excited to become a new member of MVTec’s Image Acquisition Partner Program”, says Dr. Karri Niemelä, FocalSpec’s Chief Technology Officer. “FocalSpec’s unique 3D sensor technology combined with MVTec’s HALCON software is a perfect match for metrology application builders. Combining these two cutting-edge technologies is exciting and will open new possibilities for industrial 3D vision and metrology world-wide.”

MVTec Software GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of software for machine vision used in all demanding areas of imaging like the semi-conductor industry, inspection, optical quality control, metrology, medicine or surveillance. MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for machine vision.

More information on FSSDK
Published: April 18, 2018

The new generation of LCI sensors are revolutionizing on-line quality control

FocalSpec, a supplier of 3D Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) sensors and systems is introducing a renewed range of Line Confocal Imaging sensors. They offer compact sizes, the widest measurement range and the highest measurement speed to meet the requirements of today’s high-speed smart manufacturing environments for any surface material available in electronics, medical and plastics industries.

FocalSpec develops their offering continuously to answer the high demands set by their customers operating in a wide field of manufacturing. According to Sanna Rantanen, VP Sales and Marketing, the renewed sensor family will help FocalSpec to further improve its product range’s competitiveness in its selected target market among integrators.

“The new sensors are not only easy to take into use among wide range of applications but also to integrate into new and existing manufacturing lines among our key accounts in Asia”, Rantanen explains.

FocalSpec’s new sensors, LCI401 and LCI1201, come in half the size and weight compared to their predecessors, LCI400 and LCI1200, with further improved measurement performance as well as better tolerance for harsh environmental conditions.

The proven optical measurement technology of FocalSpec LCI sensors goes beyond the limitations of traditional measuring methods:

  • No speckle noise
  • No interference
  • Submicron measurement accuracy even on fast moving objects
  • Measurement speed up to 5 million 3D points per second
  • First-rate performance for all surface types
  • including dark matte, mirror-like and transparent surfaces

Available applications for the sensors include:

  • Surface roughness
  • 3D dimensions
  • Burr height
  • Seal integrity inspection

The FocalSpec range of LCI sensors is available for all third-party developers and systems integrators. The sensors come with FSSDK, which is a defined software user interface, as well as a compatibility with all modern software development environments.

The sensors will be globally introduced in Europe at Control tradeshow in April, in Asia in Touch China tradeshow in June and in USA at IDTechEx in November.

More information: Sauli Törmälä, CEO,, +358 44 587 2001, or Sanna Rantanen, VP, Sales and Marketing,, +358 400 214 012

Published: April 11, 2018

Why are online measurement technologies important for the frontrunner in wire, cable and tube production technology?

A key to MAILLEFER’s top position amongst the global wire, cable, pipe and tube production technology providers is their preeminent process know-how.

They are constantly exploring new online measurement technologies in order to supply even better production lines for their customers and helping them to achieve top productivity and product quality.

Mikko Lahti, R&D Director at Maillefer sees that their customers with medical tubing or wire and cable jacketing applications could benefit from surface roughness measurement systems provided by FocalSpec.

Cannot see the Youtube video? Watch the video here.

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Do you want to find out more about on-line surface roughness measurement with the MP900? Go to our MP Series product page to learn more, watch the full surface roughness video, and download the brochure including technical specifications.

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Published: January 24, 2018

Lehdistötiedote 2018-01-24

FocalSpecin Aasian myynnin kasvu jatkuu vahvana rahoittajien tuella

Optisia 3D-mittalaitteita valmistavan oululaisen FocalSpecin Aasian myynti kasvoi yli kaksinkertaiseksi vuonna 2017. Kysyntä muun muassa kuluttajaelektroniikkaa ja mobiililaitteita valmistavan teollisuuden laadunvalvonnassa käyttämille sensoreille on kovassa kasvussa Kiinan, Intian, Etelä-Korean ja Japanin markkinoilla. FocalSpecin myynnistä yli 60 % tulee Aasian markkinoilta.

FocalSpec on kerännyt pääomaa viimeisen vuoden aikana yhteensä 7 miljoonaa euroa. Puolet varoista on tullut pääomasijoituksina sijoitusyhtiöiltä ja yksityisiltä sijoittajilta, puolet Euroopan investointirahaston ja Finnveran takaamana lainarahoituksena. Rahoitusta on hankittu erityisesti myynnin ja teknisen tuen vahvistamiseen Aasiassa.

”Vahva kasvu osoittaa, että tarvetta huipputason laadunvalvonnan ratkaisuille löytyy. Olemme hyvässä tilanteessa ja teemmekin jatkuvaa kehitystyötä voidaksemme vastata kansainvälisesti toimivien asiakasyritystemme paikallisiin tarpeisiin entistäkin monipuolisemmin ja tehokkaammin”, sanoo FocalSpecin toimitusjohtaja Sauli Törmälä.

FocalSpecin päätoimipaikka ja tuotanto tulee pysymään jatkossakin Oulussa. Vuodessa henkilökuntansa kaksinkertaistanut yritys jatkaa rekrytointeja myös Suomessa. Lisäresursseja, erityisesti kokeneita alan ammattilaisia, tarvitaan niin tuotekehitykseen, tekniseen tukeen kuin myyntiin ja tuotemarkkinointiinkin.

FocalSpec Oy on oululainen yksityisessä omistuksessa oleva kasvuyritys. Vuonna 2009 perustetulla yrityksellä on liiketoimintaa Euroopassa, Aasiassa ja Yhdysvalloissa.


Sauli Törmälä, Toimitusjohtaja, FocalSpec Oy
puh. +358 44 587 2001,

Sanna Rantanen, Myynti- ja markkinointijohtaja, FocalSpec Oy
puh +358 400 214 012,

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