Quality policy

Quality is our common interest and an important factor for success – one that guarantees sustainable customer satisfaction. FocalSpec’s Quality Policy is a commitment to our customers and all other interest groups.

We believe that every member of the business shares the responsibility for quality and quality improvement. The Quality Policy is driven by the company’s values and principles. Our aim is to design, manufacture and deliver products and services meeting or exceeding customer expectations through reliable processes which are continually improved. We want to develop relationships with all our suppliers both internally and externally. We are working in partnerships, developing mutually beneficial relationships built on trust, sharing knowledge, and integrating. We want to meet all our supply chain requirements and provide significant and measurable successes.

We always ensure that we can deliver our predetermined quality goals and targets along with our management objectives and processes. All of the goals, objectives and processes are not only monitored against the ISO9001:2015 Standard and all applicable statutory and standard requirements but also the requirements of our customers’ needs and expectations as well as our internal Quality Management System. The progress against set goals and measurable targets is continuously monitored and evaluated, as described in our Quality Manual.

All employees of the company are required to comply with and contribute to the provisions of the Quality Management System. Everyone is encouraged to embrace its fundamental attributes and incorporate it into their everyday activities. All employees are dedicated to making contributions to continuous quality improvement.