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FocalSpec Line Confocal Imaging (LCI) technology is based on an optical method where white light emitting from a sensor’s transmitter is split into a continuous spectrum of wavelengths. Each wavelength is focused on the measured surface at a certain distance from the sensor to form a perpendicular focal plane.

The dominating wavelength reflected to the sensor’s receiver depends on the distance between the transmitter and each of the measured points. The whole focal plane is reflected to the receiver and the sensor analyzes thousands of measurement points at once.

The new animated video explains the measurement principle of LCI technology.

Cannot see the YouTube video? Watch the video here.


  • Measuring up to 10 million points per second
  • Maximum measurement speed 5000 Hz
  • 2048 simultaneous measurement points in one line
  • Optical profile length 4.3 – 16.4 mm, depending on the sensor
  • Distance between measurement points 2.1 – 8.0 μm
  • Measurement repeatability 70 nm

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